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  • booklet
    AIM Navigator logo

    AEM Center, 2015

    This document contains the entire contents of the AEM Navigator interactive decision making tool and accompanying forms in a static, printable format that can be used when no Internet connection is available.

  • article

    R. Jackson & J. Karger, 2015

    This paper provides an introduction to the concept of audio-supported reading (ASR) for students with specific learning disabilities. Jackson (2012) defined ASR as a technology-based technique for reading in which individuals read digital text in conjunction with listening to the text in an audio format such as text-to-speech (TTS).

  • guide

    AEM Center, 2012

    The purpose of the quality indicators and critical components is to assist state and local education agencies (SEAs and LEAs) with planning, implementing, and evaluating dynamic, coordinated systems for the timely provision of AIM.

  • article

    R. Jackson & I. Presley, 2012

    The purpose of this paper is to define and elucidate the practice of audio-supported reading (ASR) as a powerful means of accessing and making productive use of text.

  • booklet

    PACER & AIM Centers, 2010

    Some students with disabilities have difficulty reading textbooks and other learning materials. For example, a student who is blind may not be able to see a book, and a student who has a physical disability may not be able to hold the book. …